"Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it." – Confucius

I believe that beauty is an altered state of consciousness. It can occur at any moment, given the right circumstances. It is merely a dynamic event which occurs between you and something or somebody else.

Do not seek to become beautiful - you are already beautiful. Instead seek to connect with and capture the beauty that lies waiting to be awoken within everything and everyone around us. Once we start to recognise beauty, the world becomes a truly beautiful place.

I recently read an amazing little book called Wabi Sabi: Japanese Wisdom for a Perfectly Imperfect Life by Beth Kempton, which I highly recommend for anyone interested in the concept of beauty. The concept of Wabi Sabi comes from Japanese aesthetics, which helps us to appreciate simplicity and accept the transient nature of all things. This ancient Japanese philosophy can help us to see beauty all around us and to find joy and inspiration throughout our own beautifully imperfect lives.