Drawing is not about seeing something the way you want it to be, but instead about letting go of your pre-conceived ideas and accepting something for what it really is. Detach the ego from the drawing. It is not about the way you see something, but about connecting on a deeper level with the world and starting to see how it truly is.

An arm is no longer an arm. Instead you see the shapes of light and dark which connect together to create that which we call ‘arm’. Each shape is beautiful and different and important. Without one shape, the whole cannot exist. The more you look at one small area, the more you discover, the richer that area becomes.

Give up ownership. What you create is not yours. What you create is a connection between you and the world around you. A visual representation of your present experience, the way it truly is in that moment. You no longer look, but instead you see. You see the planes of life crossing, overlapping, connecting and interweaving together and you will start to smile at the patterns presented to you, to laugh at the synchronicities in the shapes we see and connect to the beautiful, perfect and imperfect dimensions of this world.