Old Postcards


I often get asked how I create the background textures and colours in my illustrations. The answer lies in a collection of antique postcards…

For the past fifteen years I have been collecting old, used postcards from around the world. Whenever I travel to a new country, I try to visit a flea market and see what I can find. I love the idea that these postcards represent a connection between two unknown people, a snapshot in time spanning across oceans, a long forgotten message now captured forever on paper. Some of the postcards I have collected are over 100 years old. I scan the postcards into Photoshop and like to play with them, using the natural shape of the writing and the old textures of the paper to create layers and colours within my images.

To me these postcards represent something unique; they are open and imperfect, raw and real. Their message does not try to hide, it is laid out for all to see with the intention of connection.

Here are a few I found this postcard in Rishikesh, India. You can look out for them in the backgrounds of my prints! :)